Nguni Cattle for sale

Explore Quality Nguni Cattle for Sale – Indigenous, Hardy, and Fertile!

We offer Nguni Cattle for sale in south Africa at competitive prices. have very healthy Nguni cows and calves ready to go we deliver to any part of south Africa . Discover the excellence of Nguni cattle, a breed indigenous to South Africa and celebrated for its resilience, fertility, and adaptability. Our Nguni cattle, available for sale in Eastern Cape and throughout South Africa, showcase remarkable characteristics that set them apart.

Key Features of Nguni Cattle:

  1. Weight and Growth:
    • Bulls: 500 to 700kg
    • Cows: 300 to 400kg (average condition)
    • Calves: Small at birth (22 to 25kg) but grow rapidly, weaning at weights comparable to other breeds.
  2. Indigenous Origin:
    • Native to South Africa, named by the Nguni People, a black tribe in the region.
  3. Fertility and Disease Resistance:
    • Renowned for high fertility and exceptional resistance to diseases.
  4. Economic Feasibility:
    • Thrive on minimal food, making them economically viable.

Nguni Cattle Characteristics:

  1. Adaptability:
    • Well-adapted to various climates and conditions.
  2. Temperament:
    • Calm yet alert, showcasing good temperament.
  3. Size:
    • Small cattle breed.
  4. Tick Resistance:
    • Exhibits good resistance to ticks.
  5. Physical Attributes:
    • Thick skins, thin and flexible tails, strong legs, and hoofs for easy walking and climbing.
  6. Survivability:
    • Handles extreme weather conditions and survives on low nutrition.

Nguni Cattle Prices:

  • Various Options Available: Contact us for competitive prices on Nguni cows and calves.
  • Delivery: We deliver to any part of South Africa.

Elevate your herd with the exceptional qualities of Nguni cattle. Whether you’re in Eastern Cape or any other part of South Africa, our healthy Nguni cows and calves are ready to enhance your livestock. Secure your source of indigenous, hardy, and fertile Nguni cattle for a thriving and resilient herd!

Nguni Cattle for sale
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