Bonsmara Cattle for sale

Explore Exceptional Bonsmara Cattle for Sale – Ideal for South African Climate, Superior Breeding, and Quality Meat!

Uncover the excellence of Bonsmara cattle, perfectly adapted to the extensive South African climate. Our Bonsmara cattle for sale boast fertility, ease of calving, and adherence to minimum growth standards, delivering high-quality meat. Known for their calm temperament, these cattle are handled with ease, making them a preferred choice for farmers.

Key Features of Bonsmara Cattle:

  1. Adaptation to Climate:
    • Well-adapted to the challenging South African climate.
  2. Fertility and Easy Calving:
    • Bonsmaras are highly fertile, producing small calves for easy calving.
  3. Quality Meat Production:
    • Subject to stringent growth standards, ensuring the production of high-quality meat.
  4. Calm Temperament:
    • Known for a calm temperament, facilitating easy handling.

Bonsmara Cattle Breeding Excellence:

  1. Scientific Breeding:
    • Scientifically bred and rigorously selected for economical production in extensive grazing regions.
  2. Popularity and Strength:
    • The Bonsmara breed has grown to become numerically the strongest beef breed in South Africa.
  3. Versatility in Farming:
    • Equally suitable for cross-breeding and pure cattle farming, meeting the diverse needs of commercial farmers.
  4. Performance Testing:
    • All Bonsmaras undergo performance testing, inspection, and approval according to minimum breed standards.
  5. Weight and Growth:
    • Bulls: 600 to 900kg; Cows: 445 to 637kg (average condition).
    • Calves are small at birth (34 to 36kg) but grow rapidly and wean at comparable weights to other breeds.

Bonsmara Cattle Prices:

Bonsmara Cattle Price
Heifers : R4000 – R8,000 Between 13–24 Months Weight 450–800kg
Dairy Cows : R6000 
Bulls : R5900 – R12000 Weight 600 – 900kg
Pregnant Cattle : R6000 
Calve : R2500 Between 3–4 Months 110–350kg

Secure your source of exceptional Bonsmara cattle for a thriving and prosperous livestock enterprise. Contact us for competitive prices and elevate your herd with the superior qualities of Bonsmara cattle!

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